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== Status ==
The currently-active branch of Ruby-kit is {{c|2.7-prime}}, created in early January 2021 by Funtoo, and is based on a snapshot of Gentoo Ruby ebuilds from late December 2020. It is an auto-generated kit which will allow more frequent updates.  At this the time{{c|2.7-prime}} was created, the Gentoo Ruby Team was focusing on integrating support for Ruby 3.0 into Gentoo. Another notable event happening at around this time was the deprecation of Ruby 2.5 by the Ruby team itself, as it is currently in maintenance mode and nearing EOL. These events were factored into the plan for Ruby-kit related to supported versions. The Ruby versions available in {{c|2.7-prime}} are: ;{{c|ruby-2.7}}: This is the Funtoo OS "preferred" Ruby for satisfying system dependencies. This is the Ruby version that applications will try to use if 2.7 support is actually available in ebuilds and dependencies.;{{c|ruby-2.6}}: This is the Funtoo OS "compatible" Ruby for satisfying system dependencies. This is the version that all applications are likely to support and is more universally supported in ebuilds. 2.6 is also our **backup** version of Ruby that is used by our eclass logic.;{{c|ruby-3.0}}: This version of Ruby is being made available but is not currently used for resolving dependencies for Funtoo systems. It can be installed by Ruby developers and Ruby modules can be installed via {{c|gem}}.
== Funtoo Changes ==
Ruby-kit {{c|2.7-prime}} has a number of important Funtoo changes which are documented here. The Ruby versions available are: * Funtoo System Preferred: {{c|ruby-2.7}}* Funtoo System Stable: {{c|ruby-2.6}}* Available for developer use with local gems if desired: {{c|ruby-3.0}}
The {{c|ruby-*.eclass}} eclasses have been forked and are stored in our {{c|kit-fixups}} repository, in {{c|core-kit/curated/eclasses}}, so they will end up on end-user systems inside Core-kit and will be available to all kits.
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