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Funtoo Changes
* {{c|ruby-single.eclass}}
* {{c|ruby-utils.eclass}}
The most notable changes are in the following files:
;{{c|ruby-single.eclass}}: Aggressively mask {{c|USE_RUBY}} based on our {{c|RUBY_TARGETS}} settings. If we mask all implementations, add {{c|BACKUP_RUBY}} as backup implementation (currently 2.6).
;{{c|ruby-ng.eclass}}: In {{c|_ruby_get_all_impls()}}, aggressively mask {{c|USE_RUBY}} ebuild settings based on our {{c|RUBY_TARGETS}} settings. Implement {{c|BACKUP_RUBY}} logic. Also change {{c|IUSE}} calculation to *not* aggressively mask {{c|IUSE}} settings, since the ebuild could have some logic based on some of the Ruby targets we masked out, and not having these targets in {{c|IUSE}} will cause Portage to complain.
The eclass changes, taken as a whole, allow Funtoo to set the Ruby implementation(s) active
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