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Install/Download LiveCD

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Install Guide: Download LiveCD
Alternatively, you can log into your bootable environment over the network via SSH to perform the install from another computer, and this may be more convenient way to install Funtoo Linux.
First ensure that {{c|sshd}} is running. For the Gentoo Minimal Installation CD, you will need to start {{c|sshd}} as follows:
# ##i##/etc/init.d/sshd start
passwd: password updated successfully
One of the interfaces should have an IP address (listed as {{c|inet addr:}}) from your LAN. You can then connect remotely, from another system on your LAN, to System Rescue CDyour bootable environment, and perform steps from the comfort of an existing OS. On your remote system, type the following, replacing {{c|}} with the IP address of the LiveCD. Connecting from an existing Linux or MacOS system would look something like this:
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