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Created page with "可喜可贺!你现在已经 chroot 进入了一个新的 Funtoo Linux 系统中。是时候正确地配置 Funtoo Linux ,以便在没有任何手动设置的情况下,..."
If you can't ping, make sure that {{f|/etc/resolv.conf}} specifies a valid IP address for a reachable nameserver in its {{c|nameserver}} setting.
Congratulations! You are now chrooted inside a 可喜可贺!你现在已经 chroot 进入了一个新的 Funtoo Linux system. Now it's time to get 系统中。是时候正确地配置 Funtoo Linux properly configured so that Funtoo Linux will start successfully, without any manual assistance, when your system is restarted.,以便在没有任何手动设置的情况下,让它能正确的重启并且运行。
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