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To install 要安装 Funtoo Linux, the Linux,首先要使用 {{c|chroot}} command is first used. The chroot command will "switch into" the new 命令。Chroot 命令将“切换到”新的 Funtoo Linux system, so the commands you execute after running 系统中,所以你在运行 "chroot" will run within your newly-extracted 后执行的命令将在你新提取的 Funtoo Linux system.系统中运行。
Before chrooting, there are a few things that need to be done to set up the 在进行 chroot environment. You will need to mount 之前,需要做一些设置 chroot 环境的工作,你需要在新系统中挂载 {{f|/proc}}, {{f|/sys}} and {{f|/dev}} inside your new system. Use the following commands to do so:。使用以下命令来完成:
# ##i##cd /mnt/funtoo
You'll also want to copy over 你还需要复制 {{f|resolv.conf}} in order to have proper resolution of Internet hostnames from inside the ,以便在 chroot:中正确解析互联网主机名:
# ##i##cp /etc/resolv.conf /mnt/funtoo/etc/
Now you can 现在可以 chroot into your new system. Use 到你的新系统了。在 <code>envchroot</code> before 之前使用 <code>chrootenv</code> to ensure that no environment settings from the installation media are pulled in to your new system:,以确保不会将安装介质中的环境设置拉到新系统中:
{{console|body=###i## env -i HOME=/root TERM=$TERM chroot . bash -l
%chroot% }}
{{Note|For users of live CDs with 对于使用 64-bit kernels installing 位 Live CD 安装 32-bit systems: Some software may use 位系统用户请注意:一些软件使用 {{c|uname -r}} to check whether the system is 来检查系统是 32 or 位或是 64-bit. You may want to append 位。你可能需要将 linux32 to the 指令附加在 chroot command as a workaround, but it's generally not needed.指令中执行来解决这个问题,但通常情况下是不需要的。}}{{Important|If you receive the error 如果你得到了 "{{c|chroot: failed to run command `/bin/bash': Exec format error}}", it is most likely because you are running a 这个错误,多数情况是尝试在 32-bit kernel and trying to execute 位内核中执行 64-bit code. Make sure that you have selected the proper type of kernel when booting your live 位指令。确保在启动临场 CD.时选择了正确的内核类型。}}
It's also a good idea to change the default command prompt while inside the chroot. This will avoid confusion if you have to change terminals. Use this command:中更改默认的命令提示符也是一个好主意。这样可以避免在你必须更换终端时出现混乱。使用这个命令:
{{console|body=%chroot% ##i##export PS1="(chroot) $PS1"}}
Test internet name resolution from within the chroot:中测试互联网名称的解析:
{{console|body=%chroot% ##i##ping -c 5}}
If you can't ping, make sure that 如果不能 ping,请确保 {{f|/etc/resolv.conf}} specifies a valid IP address for a reachable nameserver in its 在其 {{c|nameserver}} setting.设置中为可到达的命名服务器指定一个有效的 IP 地址。
可喜可贺!你现在已经 chroot 进入了一个新的 Funtoo Linux 系统中。是时候正确地配置 Funtoo Linux ,以便在没有任何手动设置的情况下,让它能正确的重启并且运行。
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