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%chroot% }}
{{Note|For users of live CDs with 对于使用 64-bit kernels installing 位 Live CD 安装 32-bit systems: Some software may use 位系统用户请注意:一些软件使用 {{c|uname -r}} to check whether the system is 来检查系统是 32 or 位或是 64-bit. You may want to append 位。你可能需要将 linux32 to the 指令附加在 chroot command as a workaround, but it's generally not needed.指令中执行来解决这个问题,但通常情况下是不需要的。}}{{Important|If you receive the error 如果你得到了 "{{c|chroot: failed to run command `/bin/bash': Exec format error}}", it is most likely because you are running a 这个错误,多数情况是尝试在 32-bit kernel and trying to execute 位内核中执行 64-bit code. Make sure that you have selected the proper type of kernel when booting your live 位指令。确保在启动临场 CD.时选择了正确的内核类型。}}
It's also a good idea to change the default command prompt while inside the chroot. This will avoid confusion if you have to change terminals. Use this command:

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