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Funtoo VMware Guest Support

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== Using a Recent GNOME Stage3 ==
Starting with GNOME stage3 images dated 2020-12-14 and later, it is now possible to easily set up a Funtoo VM inside VMware Workstation Pro. Choose the stage starting with "gnome-", "cinnamon-", etc., *not* the one starting with "stage3" (this is the non-graphical stage3 and hasn't been tweaked for VMware Workstation).
{{c|open-vm-tools}} is enabled by default in the GNOME stage3, so full integration with your host should be active from the start. If using the GNOME stage3, all you need to do is perform a standard GNOME installation by following our [[Install|installation documentation]] and make note of the notice above to '''enable 3D accelerated graphics for your VM''' for the best possible experience.
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