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pedo mellon a minno
(be greeted hiker)
|biography=studied Math and Chemstry for educational science, quite it without end in 2012. Normally I'm found online in jabber/xmpp network all the time. Next to it I hang around in [irc:// #funtoo], [irc:// #funtoo-quebec] and some others not related to funtoo... After I quit my studies, I now started to work as a Trainee IT specialist system integration for the german internet name center.Now I started a trainee position as IT Specialist for System Integration at Denic eG on Aug 2013 and will finish it possibly in February 2015
|history_linux=I started my way to Linux by an advice of an teacher of mine with SuSE Linux 6.* stayed there until 9.0 and it was fun as long as you didn't update your system, this period hold for about 2 years, then I switched to debian and stayed there until Spring 2009, that was the time I gave Gentoo a try and it was fun at first to install it, but the war of releasing upgrades without a careful testing made it a hell and so I switched from gentoo to funtoo only after about a quarter year. Since then I stayed with funtoo.
|oss_information=working on some ConTeXt projects too, right now try to write an source ebuild for it...
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