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{{fancynote|The prefix ''URxvt'' is optional. It is actually the namespace of the property you define. For instance, if we just wrote <code>*background: black</code>, the background color would have been global to any terminal emulator ([[Package:Xterm|Xterm]], [[Package:Gnome-Terminal|gnome-terminal]], ...).}}
You can also redefine other colors. For instance, I redefined color0 so that it is close to the background color (to display invisible characters in [[Package:Vim:Vim]]) and color12 to a more readable color than dark blue on black:
{{file|name=~/.Xresources|desc=Change some colors|body=
URxvt*color0: #353535
URxvt*color12: #6495ed
{{fancynote|When editing your colorscheme, it is often useful to reload your <code>~/.Xresources</code> with <code>xrdb ~/.Xresources</code> and restart your terminal emulator so that you can note changes.}}
Maybe the scrollbar on the left annoys you. You can move it to the right or even remove it:
{{file|name=~/.Xresources|desc=Move/Remove the scrollbar|bdoy=
! No scrollbar
URxvt*scrollBar: false
! Or scrollbar on the right side
URxvt*scrollBar_right: true

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