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UEFI Install Guide

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Known Issues
== Known Issues ==
*With pure UEFI boot mode, with legacy mode disabled, following error expected: ** video driver not supported, boot hangs, hard reboot required.*Choose UEFI first, next legacy driver. It depends on motherboard vendor and efi bios version.**In UEFI bios choose grub option, if your succeeded with above guide, additional menu should appear in Boot Menu, otherwise it boots into EFI shell:* <code>grub:NAME of you hard drive</code>* On some systems, installing the packages that are required for UEFI booting with any gcc later than a 4.x.x release may lead to a black screen after the GRUB screen. To fix this, before you begin installing any packages on your system, emerge =gcc-4.6.4-r2 and proceed with the installation as usual. Remember to switch your compiler back to the version of gcc that came with your system after you have finished installing. To do this, use <code>gcc-config 2</code>.
=== Done! ===

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