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Step 1: Set up Core_2 32bit repository
The steps we follow are similar to those we performed for a ''local build'' to set up our pentium4 directory for local build. However, note the differences. We didn't download a stage, because we are going to use the pentium4 stage to build a new Core_2 32bit stage. We also didn't create the <tt>.control/version/stage{1,3}</tt> files because Metro will create them for us after it successfully builds a new stage1 and stage3. We are still using a <tt>stage3</tt> seed strategy, but we've set the build strategy to <tt>remote</tt>, which means that we're going to use a seed stage that's not from this particular subdirectory. Where are we going to get it from? The <tt>.control/remote</tt> directory contains this information, and lets Metro know that it should look for its seed stage3 in the <tt>"${METRO_MIRROR}/home/mirror/funtoo/funtoo-current/x86-32bit/pentium4"</tt> directory. Which one will it grab? You guessed it -- the most recently built ''stage3'' (since our seed strategy was set to <tt>stage3</tt>) that has the version stamp of <tt>2010-12-24</tt>, as recorded in <tt>"${METRO_MIRROR}/funtoo-current/x86-32bit/pentium4/.control/version/stage3"</tt>. Now you can see how all those control files come together to direct Metro to do the right thing.
{{Note|<code>arch_desc</code> should be set to one of: <code>x86-32bit</code>, <code>x86-64bit</code> or <code>pure64</code> for PC-compatible systems.}}
== Step 2: Building the Core_2 32bit stages ==
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