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The purpose of this page is to give you streamlined steps for setting up your video hardware for X, and desktop environments such as GNOME.
{{NoteImportant|Editors: Keep OK, I've decided to change the plans for this page relatively simple, and link . This is going to dedicated pages for more exhaustive coverage of be a particular video page similar to [[Subarches]]. The idea is to help people to identify their hardware and guide them toward the correct driverfor their chipset. These instructions The focus will be primarily on defining the types of hardware that are intended supported, what products they appear in, and how to get users set up know if you have this hardware. Other important topics that apply to all drivers, like <code>eselect opengl</code> should be covered. This will then serve as quickly and simply as possiblethe meta-page for Video support, without having to wade through lots of minute with individual ebuild pages holding the detailsfor each driver.}}
== Video Drivers ==
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