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Video Driver Installation and Setup
== Video Driver Installation and Setup ==
Once your video cards variables are set in [[makeIndividual driver pages cover specific setup steps for each driver.conf]], and kernel configurations are arranged merge changes into your systemThe general process is as follows:
# Define <code>VIDEO_CARDS</code> variable in <code>/etc/make.conf<console/code>to refer to the name of the driver that you wish to use. Special names, rather than ebuild package names are used. For example, <code>fglrx</code> is used to refer to {{package|x11-drivers/ati-drivers}}.#Update your system using <code>emerge</code>. USE variable changes will result in your selected drivers being installed.##i## emerge Configure X to use these drivers. This often involves running <code>X -configure</code> or using a supplied tool to produce an initial X configuration like <code>aticonfig --avuND worldinitial</consolecode>. {{note|we should change world # If necessary (this is typically done automatically for you,) run <code>eselect opengl</code> and <code>eselect opencl</code> to set the specific package that pulls in all the other video stuff so if this page is ran on an old stale system it doesn't pull in 50 bazillion packages}}working OpenGL and OpenCL implementation.
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