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== Install ==
=== Configure USE Flags ===
If you want Flags change sometime necessary to enable any extend default USE flags in apache ebuild and compile a custom flavor of the above it. This can be achieved by portage's <code>package.use flags, create </code>. Create a directory <code>/etc/portage/package.use</code> and file called <ttcode>/etc/portage/package.use/apache</ttcode> and add the options that USE flags you want to enable to it. For example:<console>###i## install -d /etc/portage/package.use</console>
{{file|name=/etc/portage/package.use/apache|desc= |body=
www-servers/apache ssl threads
Alternatively, if someone prefer a <code>/etc/portage/package.use</code> flat file:<console>###i## echo 'www-servers/apache ssl threads' >> /etc/portage/package.use</console>
=== Emerge ===
After you have configured the USE flags that you want to build Apache with, emerge it:

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