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Bash by Example, Part 3

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I've really been looking forward to this third and final ''Bash by example'' article, because now that we've already covered bash programming fundamentals in [[Bash by example, Part1|Part 1]] and [[Bash by example, Part 2|Part 2]], we can focus on more advanced topics, like bash application development and program design. For this article, I will give you a good dose of practical, real-world bash development experience by presenting a project that I've spent many hours coding and refining: the Gentoo Linux ebuild system.
As the creator of Gentoo Linux and the guy behind Funtoo Linux, one of my primary responsibilities is to make sure that all of the operating system packages (similar to RPM packages) are created properly and work together. As you probably know, a standard Linux system is not composed of a single unified source tree (like BSD), but is actually made up of about 25+ (As of 20142015, over 100! -Ed) core packages that work together. Some of the packages include:
* Download the source tarball ('''sed-3.02.tar.gz''') from
* Read [[Bash by exampleExample, Part1Part 1]].* Read [[Bash by exampleExample, Part 2]].
* Check out the [ bash online reference manual].

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