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Funtoo Profiles

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* '''mix-in''' - zero or more mix-ins can be enabled that enable settings specific to a particular subset of features, such as 'gnome', 'kde', 'media', 'mate', 'X', 'hardened'
See [[Flavors and Mix-ins]] for a complete list of all flavors and mix-ins available in Funtoo Linux, along with descriptions of what each one does.}}
* User flexibility - any number of mix-ins can be enabled to tweak masks or USE settings as needed.
{{fancynotenote|See [[Custom Profiles]] for information on how to extend the profile system.}}
== Switch to the Funtoo 1.0 Profile ==
###i## eselect profile help
For a start, let's see what the default configuration has to offer. Get an overview using the '''list''' command:
To choose your favorite flavor use the '''set-flavor''' command including your selection. In this example, we will set the '''desktop''' flavor:
{{Fancynotenote| You ''must'' use numbers to reference to the profiles you want.}}
<console>###i## eselect profile set-flavor 8</console>
View the result:
##b##[28]##!b## funtoo/1.0/linux-gnu/mix-ins/hardened
No magic here, whatever you add gets put into the <code>/etc/portage/make.profile/parent</code> file by portage.
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