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{{console|body=###i## emerge net-misc/rsync}}
=== Rsync Usage ===
'''rsync''' is like an advanced cp that it can track if it's already copied the file. Rsync is useful for generating backups.
{{console|body=###i## rsync -p source.file.txt destination.file.txt}}
=== Rsync Tips ===
The solution to this problem is to use the {{c|-t}} option (enabled as part of {{c|-a}} as well) to enable modification time updates. When you do this, the modification time of the remote file will be updated to match that of the local file. Then, on a successive rsync invocation, rsync will compare the local and remote size and modification time, find that they both match, and will not invoke the delta-transfer algorithm. Congratulations -- if the files you were rsyncing were 50GB, then you just saved about 100GB of disk IO.

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