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== About Me ==
I am a 23 years old student in computer science at the university of French developer. I am currently working as lead dev for a web start-up called ''Rennes 1Aladom'' (home services sector) in Rennes (Brittany, France). I started developing websites at the age of 11, which, bit by bit, led me to programming and GNU/Linux. I moved to Gentoo in 2010 and then Funtoo about four three years agolater, since I wanted to be the master of my computer and not the opposite. Alongside my studies, I am working as lead developer for a French start-up called ''Aladom'' (home services sector).
I hope this year I would have more time 'm glad to get involved help the community by adding and improving documentation in the Funtoo community. For mewiki, this would be a good opportunity to learn more about a project life cycle in an open-source contextas much as I can. I hope this will enable me 'm also trying to improve my english as wellhelp people facing issues on freenode #funtoo and fix some minor bugs.

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