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When a command is processed, you go back to the command mode. Typing {{c|1v}} will restore the previous selection, starting from the current position of the cursor. The former is often useful when you work in "visual line" mode. To enter "visual line" mode, type {{c|V}} (upper V). This mode allows you to select lines instead of characters. This is especially useful when you want to delete a bunch of lines, large enough to take some time to count them all before typing {{c|17dd}} for instance.
Eventually, there There is also a "visual block" mode. This awesome mode, that you would probably not find in common non-text-based editors, allows you to select columns of text, instead of lines. While in "visual block" mode, type {{c|I}} to insert text before the selection, inserted text will be written on the first line, and repeated to the other lines after {{c|<nowiki><ESC</nowiki>}} is pressed.

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