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Help talk:Funtoo Editing Guidelines

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=== watching pages ===
we should have a section dedicated to explaining how to watch pages that an editor is knowledgeable about, and how to use the watch list to keep the pages clean, concise, and accurate.
ie if i know about the web server stack i watch that , and pages related to that... (i think i might need to turn off watching pages i touch automatically...)
To watch, or unwatch a page:in the menu bar {{c|Actions > Watch}} or {{c|Actions > Unwatch}} To display the watchlist:in the menu bar {{c|account > watchlist}} set to all days to display every edit done to pages you're watching.
rss codes should be also generated to easily track the watch list so everyone gets pinged when a change occurs. [[User:Threesixes|Threesixes]] ([[User talk:Threesixes|talk]]) 03:55, March 27, 2015 (UTC)

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