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Once you have rebooted into Funtoo Linux, you can further customize your system to your needs by using Funtoo Profiles.
[[Funtoo 1.0 Profile|Funtoo profiles]] are used to define defaults for Portage specific to your needs. There are 4 five basic profile types: arch, build, subarch, [[Flavors and Mix-ins|flavor, and mix-ins]]:
;arch: typically <code>x86-32bit</code> or <code>x86-64bit</code>, this defines the processor type and support of your system. This is defined when your stage was built and should not be changed.
;build: defines whether your system is a <code>current</code>, <code>stable</code> or <code>experimental</code> build. <code>current</code> systems will have newer packages unmasked than <code>stable</code> systems. This is defined when your stage is built and is typically not changed.
;subarch: Defines optimizations for your CPU. The subarch is set at the time the stage3 is built, but can be changed later to better settings if necessary. Be sure to pick a setting that is compatible with your CPU.
;flavor: defines the general type of system, such as <code>server</code> or <code>desktop</code>, and will set default USE flags appropriate for your needs.
One arch, build and flavor must be set for each Funtoo Linux system, while mix-ins are optional and you can enable more than one if desired.
Remember that profiles can often be inherited. For example, the <code>desktop</code> flavor inherits the <code>workstation</code> flavor settings, which in turn inherits the <code>X</code> and <code>audio</code> mix-ins. You can view this by using eselect{{c|epro}}:
<{{console>|body=(chroot) # ##i##eselect profile # epro showCurrently set profiles: arch: gentoo:funtoo/1.0/linux-gnu/arch/x86-64bit build: gentoo:funtoo/1.0/linux-gnu/build/current flavor: gentoo:funtoo/1.0/linux-gnu/flavor/desktop subarch: gentoo:funtoo/1.0/linux-gnu/arch/x86-64bit/subarch/amd64-piledriver
Automatically enabled profiles=== Enabled Profiles: mix-ins: gentoo:funtoo/1.0/linux-gnu/mix-ins/print mix-ins: gentoo:funtoo/1.0/linux-gnu/mix-ins/X mix-ins: gentoo:funtoo/1.0/linux-gnu/mix-ins/audio mix-ins: gentoo:funtoo/1.0/linux-gnu/mix-ins/dvd mix-ins: gentoo:funtoo/1.0/linux-gnu/mix-ins/media mix-ins: gentoo:funtoo/1.0/linux-gnu/mix-ins/console-extras</console>===
arch: x86-64bit build: current subarch: intel64-haswell flavor: desktop mix-ins: gnome  === All inherited flavors from desktop flavor: ===  workstation (from desktop flavor) core (from workstation flavor) minimal (from core flavor) === All inherited mix-ins from desktop flavor: ===  X (from workstation flavor) audio (from workstation flavor) dvd (from workstation flavor) media (from workstation flavor) mediadevice-audio-consumer (from media mix-in) mediadevice-base (from mediadevice-audio-consumer mix-in) mediadevice-video-consumer (from media mix-in) mediadevice-base (from mediadevice-video-consumer mix-in) mediaformat-audio-common (from media mix-in) mediaformat-gfx-common (from media mix-in) mediaformat-video-common (from media mix-in) console-extras (from workstation flavor) print (from desktop flavor)}} To view installed available profiles:<{{console>|body=(chroot) # ##i##eselect profile epro list</console>}} Enabled profiles will be highlighted in cyan. Directly enabled profiles will be in bold and have a {{c|*}} appended.
To change the profile flavor:
<{{console>|body=(chroot) # ##i##eselect profile set-epro flavor 7desktop</console>}}
To add a mix-in:
<{{console>|body=(chroot) # ##i##eselect profile add 10epro mix-in +gnome</console>}}
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