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== About Me ==
I am a 23 years old French developer. I am currently working as lead dev developer for a web start-up called ''Aladom'' (home services sector) in Rennes (Brittany, France). I started developing websites at the age of 11, which, bit by bit, led me to programming and GNU/Linux. I moved to Gentoo in 2010 and then Funtoo about three years later, since I wanted in order to be become the master of my computer and not the opposite. I am especially enthusiast about getting rid of features I don't need/use.
I'm glad to help the community by adding and improving documentation in the wiki, as much as I can. I'm also trying to help people facing issues on freenode #funtoo and fix some minor bugs.
== My Projects ==
* [ chuse] - Portage tool to change USE flags and keep history of changes done
* [ Sapher-BT] - A tiny bug tracker I developed to fit my needs as lead dev at Aladom
* [ Pi-Flavor] - OS from scratch in ARMv6 assembly for Raspberry Pi (sounds cool said like this, but actually it just blinks the ACT LED for now)
* [ mycfg-vim] - My Vim configuration (If you want to get inspired or suggest me some stuff)
* [ mycfg-awesome] - My Awesome WM configuration (If you want to get inspired or suggest me some stuff)
* [ prettress-sm] - The project for which I actually only wrote the README

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