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|Geoloc=48.12302849689352511303, -1.67189598083496164569
|Location name=Rennes, Bretagne, France
|Full name=Antoine Pinsard
== About Me ==
I am a 26 years old French developer. I am currently working as CTO in my own company named ''Cocoonr'', which I co-founded with 3 associates I know from former collaboration on another company.
I started developing websites at the age of 11, which, bit by bit, led me to programming and GNU/Linux. I moved to Gentoo in 2010 and then Funtoo about three years later, in order to become the master of my computer and not let it enslave me. I am especially enthusiast about getting rid of features I don't need/use.
== About Me ==My company ''Cocoonr'' was founded in 2015. Our business is to manage real estates in short-stay rental on behalf of their owners. We handle everything from the promotion of the properties on AirBnb, Booking, TripAdvisor... to the cleaning and the laundry after the guests left the accommodation. We accept stays from 3 nights to 3 months. Currently, we manage more than 100 apartments and houses across 5 cities in France. In 2019, we are expanding our catchment area to 15 more cities in France. You can check out our website for more information: If you plan to go to one of the cities we're in for a short stay, please let me know, I'd be happy to know that Funtoo users went to our lovely accommodations. :P And if you are going to Rennes, I'd be glad to welcome you!
In 2018, I am undertaking a 23 years old French developer3-months trip in South-East Asia from August to October. I am currently working as lead developer for a web start-up called ''Aladom'' (home services sector) in Rennes (Brittanym going to Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, Pakse, France). I started developing websites at the age of 11Luang Prabang, whichChiang Mai, bit by bitSiem Reap, led me to programming Denpasar and GNU/LinuxJakarta. I moved to Gentoo If you live in 2010 and then Funtoo about three years laterthe hereabouts, please let me know, in order to become the master of my computer and not the opposite. I am especially enthusiast about getting rid of features I don't need/used be happy to meet you.
== How I met <del>your mother</del> Funtoo? ==
In my childhood as a wee developer, I moved from distro to distro by curiosity, without understanding, fundamentally, the difference between them. This is the day I moved to Gentoo that I had a click. Well... the day... I must say the first time I booted on Gentoo Install CD, it was like "OK... Where are fancy windows and OK buttons... Am I really supposed to type some text here? Hmm... looks like this CD is buggy, let's try another distro.". But eventually I came to it again, and went through the famous handbook. I remember, It took the night to compile Gnome 3 and the nearly 200 "dependencies" and I had to wait until the early morning to get my fancy interface. A month later I had the feeling I had learn so much (and totally screwed up my system with my newbies commands) I had to reinstall Gentoo, and this time decided to build my own kernel thanks to Miraculously, it worked. Well... actually, I chose vanilla-sources, and as a total ignorant of what "vanilla" meant, I thought it would be a good idea to turn on {{c|USE<nowiki>=</nowiki>vanilla}} in {{c|/etc/make.conf}} to optimize packages for my kernel... No need to tell you it did not take a month to screw up my system. So I tried again, I loved it.
All of this is funny but this does not tell us why I moved to Funtoo and will stick why I'm not ready to itmove away. As I said I don't remember how I have known about Funtoo, but I guess I had still this desire to discover new horizons. Funtoo Installation and first steps required me to ask for help on #funtoo IRC channel. At that time, to me, IRC was a place where one could ask for help. But here I found a community, an atmosphere in good shape, and people happy to include newcomers as if they had always been around.
== My Projects ==
* '''[ chuse] - Portage tool to change USE flags and keep history of changes done'''* '''[ appi] - An alternative to the {{c|portage}} python module to interact with Portage from python scripts, I'd really appreciate some help on this one :D'''
* [ Sapher-BT] - A tiny bug tracker I developed to fit my needs as lead dev at Aladom
* [ Pi-Flavor] - OS from scratch in ARMv6 assembly for Raspberry Pi (sounds cool said like this, but actually it just blinks the ACT LED for now)
* [ mycfg-vim] - My Vim configuration (If you want to get inspired or suggest me some stuff)
* [ qtile mycfg-awesomeqtile] - My Awesome Qtile WM configuration (If you want to get inspired or suggest me some stuff)* [ mycfg-awesome] - My Awesome WM configuration (When I used to use Awesome WM)
* [ prettress-sm] - The project for which I actually only wrote the README
== Experiments ==
* [ Minimize Python2 Usage] - How I moved to Python 3.5 with less Python 2.7 as possible
* [ Home Server Journey] - Setup of a home server
== Around the web ==
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|name=Antoine Pinsard
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