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+ Why I stick to Funtoo?
In my childhood as a wee developer, I moved from distro to distro by curiosity, without understanding, fundamentally, the difference between them. This is the day I moved to Gentoo that I had a click. Well... the day... I must say the first time I booted on Gentoo Install CD, it was like "OK... Where are fancy windows and OK buttons... Am I really supposed to type some text here? Hmm... looks like this CD is buggy, let's try another distro.". But eventually I came to it again, and went through the famous handbook. I remember, It took the night to compile Gnome 3 and the nearly 200 "dependencies" and I had to wait until the early morning to get my fancy interface. A month later I had the feeling I had learn so much (and totally screwed up my system with my newbies commands) I had to reinstall Gentoo, and this time decided to build my own kernel thanks to Miraculously, it worked. Well... actually, I chose vanilla-sources, and as a total ignorant of what "vanilla" meant, I thought it would be a good idea to turn on {{c|USE<nowiki>=</nowiki>vanilla}} in {{c|/etc/make.conf}} to optimize packages for my kernel... No need to tell you it did not take a month to screw up my system. So I tried again, I loved it.
All of this is funny but this does not tell us why I moved to Funtoo and will stick why I'm not ready to itmove away. As I said I don't remember how I have known about Funtoo, but I guess I had still this desire to discover new horizons. Funtoo Installation and first steps required me to ask for help on #funtoo IRC channel. At that time, to me, IRC was a place where one could ask for help. But here I found a community, an atmosphere in good shape, and people happy to include newcomers as if they had always been around.
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