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  • ...ou streamlined steps for setting up your video hardware for X, and desktop environments such as GNOME. ...is_Graphics|Intel HD]] graphics processors, which are found in laptops and desktop systems.
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  • ...or example, setting your system to be a desktop by running {{c|epro flavor desktop}} or adding the appropriate mix-in via {{c|epro mix-in +mediaformat-gfx-com ...ow managers such as Blackbox, IceWM, and xmonad, to fully-featured desktop environments like GNOME and KDE, the possibilities are vast in number.
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  • {{Note|If you are using a desktop or workstation profile, this USE flag may be enabled by default. Even if it ...are switching from the open source Radeon driver, then shutting down your desktop and rebooting your system (be sure to disable xdm) may be required to get t
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  • | ProjectLibre || app-office || A free and open source desktop alternative to Microsoft Project || ...oDB log files, visualize log files and quickly set up complex MongoDB test environments on a local machine ||
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  • ...functionalities. Select '''X''' for running Xorg server and WM or Desktop environments. Another option is '''no-systemd''' for an OpenRC based init-system (defaul core*, desktop, hardened, minimal, server, workstation
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  • ...provide their own compositor but if you still have tearing or don't use a desktop environment then screen tearing can be solved by running [[Package:Compton|
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  • * desktop-kit - Desktop-kit includes all non-GNOME, KDE or GNUSTEP desktop environments and applications. This includes all window managers, leechcraft, office sui ...tains all games, except for certain games included by default with desktop environments (which will be bundled in gnome-kit, for exmaple.)
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  • ...ormation regarding the difference between window managers (i3) and desktop environments (like [[GNOME_First_Steps|Gnome]], [[KDE Plasma|KDE_Plasma_5]], etc.) consu [[Category:Desktop]]
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  • ==Desktop certified hardware== * [[Hardware/Desktop|View all Desktop certified hardware ›]]
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