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This is the list of ebuilds we have on our side that do not exist on Gentoo by alphabetical name (if you are looking for the ebuilds we have forked, please refer there):

Category Name Version Funtoo Maintainer Changes/Notes TODO
app-text pyroom TBC User:golodhrim pyroom is a distraction free text editor. Nothing
app-arch pxz 4.999.9_beta User:404_Error Parallel XZ compressor/decompressor. The revision seems to be in relationship with app-arch/xz-utils, okay with >=app-arch/xz-utils-5.0. Remains to be tested on sparc64 and x86, only tested on amd64 so far.
media-sound ocp 0.1.20 User:404_Error Linux port of the so well known Cubic Player :) Functional amd64 and sparc64(!) Remains to be tested on x86.
dev-lang python 2.7.1-r3 User:404_Error Backported the suggested changes for dev-lang/python-2.7.2 ebuild (see Bug#374579). Fixes the DLFCN module not found issue that appears with Python on Linux 3.x series. Nothing
dev-util codelite All versions User:404_Error Those were in the Gentoo bugzilla for quite some time but have never been pushed in their portage tree. Nothing

Please :

  • report any bugs for these ebuilds to the funtoo-dev mailing list.
  • keep listed all versions pushed in Funtoo with the changes you made, this will help when backtracking issues or the adaptations made.
  • Core developers : Please annonce on our public communication channels when you push a new package in Funtoo.