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Only add new TODOs to this page after discussing it with Daniel or the Core Team Lead so we know what the bullet items are about :)

Funtoo TODO

January 2012


  • automate email to core team
  • Aboriginal Linux integration - build a stage1 from an Aboriginal install. Get Metro to use it and not die. Keep pushing forward.
  • Set up redmine for bug tracker (on slashbeast's TODO - he has a VE for it)
  • Funtoo Profile 1.0 - time to get these done. Deploy without tweaked portage
  • Portage Tree
    • Portage-mini-2012 - need a new tree (Daniel's TODO)
    • Explore ways to have a "dev" tree that users can commit to directly (Mirell's idea, anyone can look into it)
  • Portage
    • Rebase Portage on zmedico's latest.
    • Make default merge strategy be rebase, to preserve local commits (one step in the right direction...)
  • Openrc. 0.8.x base not updated for a long time, possibly have bugs.
    • engage with gentoo devs on openrc bug fixing
    • roll out a new release
  • New Sparc64 images using Portage-mini-2012 - (Adessemond's TODO)
  • Relaunch experimental:
    • new perl 5.14
    • new progress overlay (Afrever)
    • anything else?
    • Make Postfix better
      • (qiyong on #funtoo is looking into a patch...)
      • Update: best fix is to auto-gen the default config with myhostname set to $(hostname --fqdn) - then user change change system's hostname without potentially breaking mail as a side-effect, but the user has a reasonable default to start.
    • Get good mutt configs on wiki Mutt
    • Use these configs to get an awesome mutt default config:
      • up arrow scrolls up a line
      • down arrow scrolls down a line
      • do NOT automatically jump to next message at end (set pager_stop)
      • some COLOR, please
      • Show time, not just day in list view
    • Maybe even try to get an integrated forum/ML software off the ground, at least in beta
  • Grub upgrade?
  • bump LVM to latest - IN PROGRESS
    • new lvm2-2.02.88 in funtoo-overlay (no keywords, for testing... builds fine here.) (drobbins)
    • was accidentally bumped to stable, now back masked, needs review of initscripts which were just pulled in from gentoo and needs to be compared to our versions.
  • new udev-177 with no keywords in funtoo-overlay for testing...
  • genkernel/initramfs needs to mount /usr prior to init taking over:
  • our rsnapshot is borked - fixed. 1.3.1-r2 was the only one left, but it is masked and broken. restored 1.3.1-r1

June 2011

  • Core Team:
    • Test Installs from Stage3 - important :)
    • Troubleshoot any issues with OpenRC 0.8 and document bugs clearly so I can investigate.
    • Clean out funtoo-staging mask gradually as packages have been tested (hold off on openrc-0.8)
  • Funtoo Profile 1.0 Prep
    • We need to update the Unified Configuration page and the Funtoo 1.0 Profile page. The Funtoo 1.0 Profile page should read like a HOWTO.
    • We need a new eselect profile implementation to choose arch, stable/current, flavor, mix-in(s), etc. and help users not mess things up too much.
    • More copies of Gentoo files need to be converted to symbolic links to ease maintenance. (I did 2 of them, several more to go.) We don't want to have to periodically sync with Gentoo manually.
  • Daniel:
    • GLEPS that need to be worked on:
      • uid/gid Management GLEP
      • Unified Configuration GLEP
      • Funtoo-style Profile GLEP
    • Check this boot-update bug with the scan command : (It's been there for a while now.) - Daniel needs to do a boot-update rewrite.
    • Need to add feature to Portage to auto-update git tree to new repository (portage-mini-2011)

April 2011

For April 2011, I want the Core Team to start messing with the Funtoo 1.0 profile and getting it ready for use. I have a new alpha-quality profile tree profiles/funtoo/1.0/linux-gnu/ that needs some love. The older Funtoo 1.0 profile is still there but the tree in profiles/funtoo/1.0/linux-gnu/ is what I want to work on and refine and get production-ready.

Overhauling ebuilds - Core Team members who have completed their initial training of moving one key ebuild from masked to testing to current to stable can now proceed with the next step of the Core Team training - overhauling an ebuild. The way this works is that you find an ebuild that is a key part of Funtoo, but not too dangerous to improve (not gcc, glibc, etc.) and you look at all open Gentoo bugs for the ebuild. You try to fix as many as you can. Then you also look at ways to make the ebuild more elegant and simpler, so it is easier to maintain. You also look at Debian and maybe even CentOS packages for potential fixes that Gentoo is missing, and consider adding them to Funtoo. The idea here is to get an ebuild into top shape with all open bugs fixed, and to really spend some quality time making a particular ebuild a shining example of Funtoo. There is also a competitive aspect - we want to offer the best ebuilds we can. Details are important.

To start this overhauling process, find an ebuild you would like to work on and chat with Daniel about it.

Updating Ebuilds

For information on how to update ebuilds, see Updating Ebuilds.

The Fundamentals

Distros get better by focusing on the fundamentals. We'll be focusing on the install experience for a while, until it is great. The tasks below reflect this. If you have other ideas on how to improve the installation process, we're certainly open to them.

Test Installs

I need people to test a Funtoo install from stage3, and note any problems. We do this for several reasons - first, to identify bugs that we should fix; second, to identify weird issues that are not bugs but are areas that should be improved, and third, to look for general improvements to the install process, such as improving default config files, etc. which could result in a simpler install process. If you want, you can document your experiences on the wiki, here: Usability Testing.

Funtoo Quick Install Guide

We need to wrap up the Funtoo Quick Install Guide. I have edited quite a bit to get things simpler. GPT/GUID should be the default partitioning method. The instructions should be easy to understand and uncomplicated.

Genkernel Install

The Quick Install Guide should document how to install a kernel using genkernel. Right now, the funtoo-quebec guide shows manual kernel building which is not "quick". We should offer a genkernel option so that people who want a truly quick install can do it. [404 Error]

Default Kernel Sources/Binaries

We need to identify a default "desktop/general-purpose" kernel source tree as well as a general "server" kernel source tree that we need to offer as defaults to end-users. I encourage all core team members to look into this, and offer their suggestions, and start playing around here. Ideally these kernels should be relatively modern, but also leverage existing well-tested source trees so we get to leverage the testing that other distributions have performed, and benefit from their QA.