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this document is under construction and may be incomplete.

TPM-2.0 is a system that has hardware random number generation, key storage outside of ram, and can decrypt LUKS encrypted drives automatically. You may need to buy an external TPM module for your motherboard, or it may have it onboard on newer laptops. TPM modules come in several varieties, some have 12 pins, some have 14, some have 20, and must be matched to your motherboard. You need to have TPM 2.0 computing enabled in BIOS.

  • check tpm is found, and populates udev devices
root # dmesg | grep -i tpm && ls /dev/tpm*
  • check tpm version
root # cat /sys/class/tpm/tpm0/tpm_version_major
  • fetch interesting packages
root # emerge tpm2-tss rng-tools tpm2-abrmd tpm2-tools tpm2-totp
  • when available merge these
root # emerge tpm2-pkcs11 tpm2-pytss
  • load kernel module
root # modprobe -a tpm_{atmel,infineon,nsc,tis,crb}

tpm & secure boot presentation