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Grub 2.06 now supports LUKS2: (since June 2021)

This page appears to be a duplicate of, they are almost the same and could reduced to a single page. Otherwise a new user (like me) is going to spend time carefully looking at both the pages trying to spot some important command or difference that could be required for a successful installation.

For me the version of the SystemRescueCD that I'm using results in a boot menu with a light blue/green background, yet GPT and UEFI worked for me. For determining GPT and UEFI support in a PC/BIOS there must be a better way then going by from a boot menu background colours according to an unspecified version of software. If a new user has reached the point where they can start a terminal on the PC what commands (gdisk/efibootmgr?) can be used to determine CPT and UEFI support? NOTE: I was setting up a dual-boot system for myself and Windows was already booting via default using UEFI. After following the installation instructions Funtoo now boots by default for me but Windows is still accessibe if I press F12 at boot and select Windows (UEFI) from the boot menu.

I was going to strip lvm from the one page, but ended up having hardware problems before getting around to it... we should be keeping this as a historical page of encrypted root, suggesting lvm method of encrypted root, and also keep that as a historical page, and fork it again to build full encryption including /boot inside of the lvm encrypted drive. Pnoecker (talk) 18:07, January 1, 2022 (UTC)