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  • Explicit device-thresholds seems to be useless, Solaris powers down everything it can. Should try an explicit device-thresholds with system-threshold always-on.
  • Even with tpg defined, a target still listens on all NICs, but the port seems to taken into account....... Bug?
  • Why format does protest with:
WARNING - This disk may be in use by an application that has
          modified the fdisk table. Ensure that this disk is
          not currently in use before proceeding to use fdisk

Thus requiring to manually create a partition with format -> fdisk before being partitioned? ZFS/COMSTAR bug? It does not seems to be a thin provisioning issue at first glance.

  • What about 4k sector alignment required by new hard-drives? iSCSI is transparent for that?

  • device-thresholds: Solaris respects power savings requirements so yes if it can it will, my goald here was an attempt to control the delays. Some green drives ignore them.
  • tpg: same here, the target listen for connections on all addresses... It sounds like a bug! Functional descriptions are not the same than the seen behaviours.
  • I did't use fdisk I give the whole disk to eat to ZFS and it deals nicely with it (a GPT table is created automatically).
  • 4k sectors: Solaris seems to handle 4k sectors (at the condition the drive does not lie on the physical sector size). I would say that iSCSI should pay attention ("direct" access), impacts on an access through a zvol on a pool is still a very good question.