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Funtoo Desktop Team

Funtoo Desktop is a small Funtoo team that aims to provide funtoo with ebuilds / configurations and tutorials for Funtoo users that aim their builds to a desktop oriented ecosystem, both in home and office environments this team guides it's efforts in bringing Funtoo to everyone.

Main Goals

  • Bring support to the existing Desktop Environments making sure they all work under Funtoo as well as packaging the missing ones.
  • Bring easy-to-use applications for novice users that are staring to use Funtoo or simply want a "forget about it" experience.
  • Respond to Funtoo taboos of excessive compilation times & working desktop limitations that circle around the internet
  • Provide a true "init freedom" desktop experience (this does not imply we will oficially support systemd).
  • Bring a variety of customization options inside Funtoo without adding foreign overlays ensuring Funtoo quality builds.
  • Provide a functional, easy to use and fast desktop experience for novice users without limiting veteran ones and preserve Funtoo Philosophy on source based systems.
  • Track down and squash current Funtoo bugs that prevent a proper desktop experience.

How to Contribute

  • Help by fixing bugs here.
  • Package missing desktop environments such as Deepin, Budgie, Pantheon, etc.
  • Create awesome artwork for Funtoo! (Wallpapers, Icon Themes, GTK Themes, Bootsplashes, GRUB Splashes, new logos).
  • Help your friends installing Funtoo in their machines.
  • Translate current tutorials or write new ones.
  • Help with the current porthole alternative written in python3.