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Isolated CLFS Script

Right now, CLFS as-is requires some changes to the host system -- the creation of /tools and /cross-tools symlinks on the root filesystem, as well as creation of a clfs user along with a custom .bash_profile and .bashrc for that user. Rather than do this, I'm working on getting each build working from a self-contained script as a regular user without these requirements.

The script below accomplishes the following things when it builds file-5.19:

  • It creates a shell that is unpolluted with existing environment settings, setting just what is needed for the build, just like the clfs user environment does in CLFS.
  • Directory structure is located inside the user's home directory: /home/drobbins/sexybeast.
  • Cross-tools are located at /home/drobbins/sexybeast/cross-tools, and the build uses this path directly rather than /cross-tools. This is done by tweaking $DESTDIR for make install rather than --prefix for ./configure. Should be fine using this approach.

So I think script essentially wraps the CLFS cross-tools build process in a self-contained build environment without the typical CLFS host-related tweaks described above.

    (bash source code)
exec /usr/bin/env -i /bin/bash --noprofile --norc << "EOF"
set +h
umask 022
# ==========================================================
# Set up the environment variables:
# ==========================================================
export HOME=/home/drobbins
export CLFS=$HOME/sexybeast
export CLFS_CROSS_TOOLS=${CLFS}/cross-tools
export PATH=$CLFS/cross-tools/bin:/bin:/usr/bin
echo Hello.
export CLFS_HOST=$(echo ${MACHTYPE} | sed -e 's/-[^-]*/-cross/')
export CLFS_TARGET="powerpc64-unknown-linux-gnu"
export BUILD64="-m64"
# ==========================================================
# The actual build steps go here:
# ==========================================================
cd file-5.19 && ./configure --prefix=/ --disable-static && \
make -j && \
make DESTDIR=${D} install