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Using dash as the default POSIX compliant /bin/sh in Funtoo Linux

  • Dash requires less memory and is faster than Bash (so all scripts referencing #!/bin/sh will run faster)
    • In particular, Funtoo Linux systems will boot faster w/Dash than with Bash
    • Configure scripts will be faster (every little thing counts)
    • from 'man 3 system':
system() executes a command specified in command by calling /bin/sh -c command,
and returns after the command has been completed.
  • Bash called via /bin/sh still supports Bash-isms, which is bad for scripts that are supposed to be portable (portability is a virtue in Funtoo Linux)
  • Dash has fewer dependencies than Bash (sort of cool).
< ermo > So in that sense, using dash as /bin/sh aligns with one of the original core goals
         for gentoo (and now funtoo) re. 'it would just allow for a leaner faster system'
< drobbins > ermo: right, it is a logical move for us
< drobbins > performance is not the main goal, but it is *a* goal
< drobbins > it is not something to be pursued at the expense of stability, reliability, etc.