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About flyer-explorer

Real name
Birth date
US / Colorado / Boulder


Not disclosed

History using Linux

  • Sept 2002 started with Redhat 7.2,
  • November 2002 to ~ April 2003 a variety of: Win XP, Redhat 8, Mandriva, Redhat 9
  • May 2003, A friend in the dorms, introduced me to a very well documented project named gentoo. Though I never did get my emu10k1 working fully, I really liked gentoo, and stuck with it.
  • Sometime in 2008, I got totally frustrated with trying to install gentoo onto a new machine over stupid dependencies. Via tons of googling, I ran into Funtoo, which felt like early gentoo. It installed nicely the first try, and have stuck with it since.
  • Since then, I have installed funtoo onto about 7 machines.

History on Funtoo

See above.

Collaboration on Open Source projects

  • My wife says I spend too much time with a terminal.... She sometimes makes references about being a terminal widow.
  • Im not really involved in any open source projects
  • I am willing to help people with lots of odd problems on #funtoo. Often Ive done the same thing
  • Github stuffs :

About real life

I love photography, hanging out, and play with my girls (wife and kid)