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Hey there, I'm Madman10K(or in IRL name Stanislav). I have been programming games and game related applications with C++ since 2018. I have been using Funtoo since the middle of December 2020.

Currently, I am working on a C++ game engine and recently started a Desktop Environment for Linux(also written in C++). For more info about me: GitHub and my website.


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Sofia, Bulgaria(EN)

София, България(BG)

Currently all software I actively work on is under the MadLad Squad GitHub organization, information about it and the projects there you can see below:

Want to use some of my software and run Gentoo/Funtoo? Subscribe to the UntitledDesktopOverlay, source code can be found here:

Funtoo presence

Here I mainly work on the multilingual and CJK projects as I experience many of the problems of multilingual users have. I write in Cyrillic on a daily basis and am currently learning Mandarin Chinese + I use umlauts in German. I want to improve the multilingual experience, at least on Funtoo.

Additionally, I sometimes help with issues and breakages of applications in this list because I maintain my own bleeding edge commit based forks of these applications/libraries and have extensive experience in using and modifying them.

Funtoo related work outside Funtoo

Because Funtoo is my main development environment, I pay special attention to make my software be available for use on Funtoo. As said here previously, I maintain the UntitledDesktopOverlay that has both ebuilds for Gentoo and autogens for Funtoo.

Additionally, as part of the UntitledDesktopEnvironment's multi-platform initiative, I am building the UntitledPackageSchemeGenerator, that among support for DEBs, RPMs, Flatpaks, Arch pkgbuilds, Void package templates and Winget support for Windows, also supports ebuilds for Gentoo and Funtoo, with autogens included.