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coordinates=49.13732, 20.42954 | zoom=5 | width=100% | height=350 }} Kežmarok, Slovensko

I am Linux user from cca 2004. For long time (from cca 2007) i used Debian only, where i contributed by translations and maintaining three small packages. After introducing the SystemD as Debian's default init system i switch to Funtoo on my personal computer, but i stay on Debian on servers yet. I am experienced system administrator with different positions in three different companies from the 1996, mostly Windows machines.

I have little programming skills, but i am translating (and maintaining translations) some projects into Slovak language - all are independent (no big teams, as Gnome, KDE, etc) eg. XFCE, Claws Mail, Sphinx-doc, LAM and some others. But my English writing is not perfect ;-)

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