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Funtoo specific matters

package.mask in Portage tree

There is package.mask in the gentoo repository (a.k.a. "Portage tree") as well as in /etc/portage/. ( ${PORTDIR}/profiles/package.mask )

package.mask in Gentoo's Portage tree is one file, Funtoo's is a directory. In Funtoo, more packages are masked. (And also there are removed package versions.) Gentoo's package.mask is renamed as profiles/package.mask/00-gentoo in Funtoo.

To know why a package is masked, grep is sometimes useful like

$ grep -C4 -R foo/bar ${PORTDIR}/profiles/package.mask/


Funtoo's pkg-config implement is pkgconf only, though Gentoo has original pkg-config, pkgconf and pkgconfig-openbsd. (See virtual/pkgconfig )

dev-util/pkgconf[pkg-config] makes a symbolic link of /usr/bin/pkg-config . This symlink will work in most cases.

But the more proper workaround is setting ${PKG_CONFIG} environment variable.

$ export PKG_CONFIG="/usr/bin/pkgconf"

See upstream