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Text editors are perhaps the single most important piece of software to software developers. On Funtoo they should all be found in the app-editors category of the Funtoo tree. So, running:

user $ ls /usr/portage/app-editors

should show all text editors available from the Funtoo tree. To list all available applications in this category, including those in enabled third-party repositories (e.g., overlays added using Layman) run:

user $ emerge --search "%@^app-editors"

By default Funtoo comes with just two text editors pre-installed: nano and vi. Both are command-line text editors.


Atom is an open-source graphical text editor written in web languages (such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and CoffeeScript), developed by GitHub and built on the Electron framework. Electron is essentially a form of the Chromium web browser that has been modified specifically so that it can function as a backbone for non-web browser apps like the text editor, Atom. Atom is extensible (using extensions written in JavaScript or CoffeeScript, or a combination of the two), cross-platform (running on the three major desktop operating systems — Linux, macOS and Windows), yet beginner-friendly. The Atom version in the Funtoo tree tends to become out-of-date rather quickly, as the ebuild for it is rather complicated to update. For those using 64-bit systems that want the very latest Atom, one should consider using the app-editors/atom-bin ebuild, which is presently only available from unofficial overlays, details can be found here, instead.