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Applying Local Patches to Ebuilds

This page documents how to apply your own local patches to ebuilds when they are built, without having to actually modify the ebuild itself.


First, install app-portage/foobashrc:

root # emerge app-portage/foobashrc

This will install the script foobashrc.bashrc at /etc/portage/. It is intended to be used in the emerge process through /etc/portage/bashrc (see Hooking In the Emerge Process (Gentoo Manual)). If you do not have your own bashrc yet, you can just link it to foobashrc.bashrc:

root # ln -s /etc/portage/foobashrc.bashrc /etc/portage/bashrc

To complete the installation you need to add

foobashrc_modules = "localpatch"

to your /etc/make.conf. By un-/commenting this line you can easily activate/deactivate localpatch.

How it works

By default, localpatch will look into /etc/portage/localpatches in order to search for patches. This can be changed by setting LOCALPATCH_OVERLAY variable within /etc/make.conf.

The actual patches for a package are placed in subdirectories with one of the following naming schemata:

  1. ${CATEGORY}/${PN}-${PV}-${PR} - example 'app-foo/bar-1.0-r1'
  2. ${CATEGORY}/${PN}-${PV} - example 'app-foo/bar-1.0'
  3. ${CATEGORY}/${PN} - example 'app-foo/bar'

Only the patches within the first matching schema are used and are applied within numerical order.