Applying Local Patches to Ebuilds

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This page documents how to apply your own local patches to ebuilds when they are built, without having to actually modify the ebuild itself.


First, install app-portage/foobashrc:

root # emerge app-portage/foobashrc

This will install the script foobashrc.bashrc at /etc/portage/. It is intended to be used in the emerge process through /etc/portage/bashrc (see Hooking In the Emerge Process (Gentoo Manual)). If you do not have your own bashrc yet, you can just link it to foobashrc.bashrc:

root # ln -s /etc/portage/foobashrc.bashrc /etc/portage/bashrc

To complete the installation you need to add

foobashrc_modules = "localpatch"

to your /etc/make.conf. By un-/commenting this line you can easily activate/deactivate localpatch.

How it works

By default, localpatch will look into /etc/portage/localpatches in order to search for patches. This can be changed by setting LOCALPATCH_OVERLAY variable within /etc/make.conf.

The actual patches for a package are placed in subdirectories with one of the following naming schemata:

  1. ${CATEGORY}/${PN}-${PV}-${PR} - example 'app-foo/bar-1.0-r1'
  2. ${CATEGORY}/${PN}-${PV} - example 'app-foo/bar-1.0'
  3. ${CATEGORY}/${PN} - example 'app-foo/bar'

Only the patches within the first matching schema are used and are applied within numerical order.