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This page should function as documentation about existing and creating new artwork related to Funtoo Linux.


Feel free to help us out with out lack of artwork! Edit the wiki and link to your attempts or reach out to us directly! For creating Logos you might consider making use of the golden ration or so called sacred geometry.

Because of our connection to Gentoo Linux and for historical reasons it might be appropriate to look at Gentoo's existing:

It might be inspiring to read the Funtoo Project Vision.


Funtoo still needs a perfect Logo which is also suited for printing and to be used on different media. Thus keeping colors and complexity in mind you can start drawing and send us your attempts!

We try to collect logo ideas in this thread in our forum.



We have not yet settled on official Funtoo colors! So you can prepare your theming work but they might not get included in Funtoo Linux yet! Please be patient.

Once we have settled on official colors, it would be nice to have themes and branding for popular applications. For example for your favourite window manager.

Let's say you created a color theme for i3 window manager with Funtoo Linux based colors, but have no idea about how to make them available for other users or even include them official Funtoo. Just reach out to jubalh and send him your work, after getting an okay from our benevolent dictator Daniel Robbins, he can then add a seperate ebuild containing your theme/branding/artwork or even add a new USE flag to the package.


The colors listed here are a recommendation and a reference for which colors are currently used in Funtoo Linux logos and design. You are not limited to these colors they only serve as a starting point.

ValueUsed in
#444488Funtoo website top bar;
#C7254EHighlights in the Wiki
#F0F7FDBackground of notes section in the Wiki
#5BC0DELeft border of notes section in the Wiki
#FF8040Commands in the Wiki
#073642Background of commands section in the Wiki
#A9A9AAComments in the commands section in the Wiki
#FCF2F2Background of warning section in the wiki
#D9534FLeft border of warning section in the wiki
#FEFBEDBackground of important section in the wiki
#F0AD4ELeft border of important section in the wiki
#01D80DSeveral positions in the wiki
#01E3E5epro output in the wiki
#7D8082Some texts
#4070F0Kernel's menuconfig in wiki


Some of our users share their screenshots in our forum.