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Funtoo Linux Optimization Proposal: Funtoo Kernel Config-Blobs

Kernel configuration helper, kernel-seeds enhancement/continuation.

This page covers the Funtoo Linux kernel config management system -- how it works, what profiles and settings are available, and how to use ekern to set and change kernel config settings.

Profile Types

Historically, users have had to spend hours to configure their kernel, which made setup of the operating system more difficult and time consuming than it should be. In Funtoo Linux, it is possible to select from multiple sub-profiles and have blobs of kernel config enabled in the config file. The following kernel profiles are available in Funtoo Linux:

Sub-Profile TypeDescription
flavorDefines the general type of system, such as Server or Desktop, and will set defaults appropriate for your needs.
coreDefines the general settings, such as Processor type or SMP, Preemption, Suspend, CPU Freq. Scaling, Memory models, and will set defaults appropriate for your needs.
acpiDefines power management features.
disksLinux Kernel offers support for various storage options, typically USB Storage, IDE Disks, SATA Disks, IDE Disks this defines the processor type and support of your system. This is defined when your stage was built and should not be changed.
cdromDefines whether your system has a IDE CDROM, SATA CDROM or SCSI CDROM. This enables read/write support to CDROM drives.
devicesEnables various devices systems and protocols. Use it to enable for example USB, Firewire, or PCI Hotplug.
networkingDefines networking features: netfilter, Network drivers, IrDA, Bluetooth, Wireless.
filesystemsDefines enabled filesystems: RAID, LVM, SMB/CIFS.
securityDefines enabled filesystems: SELinux, GrSec.
mix-insDefines various optional settings that you may be interested in enabling. For example: Sound, Webcams, ...
debuggingDefines some variables used for debugging.