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The harvester/2022-12 branch was the third harvester branch! It was created on 03.12.2022 (kit-fixups) and 04.12.2022 (ffs)

It exists in both kit-fixups and now in the ffs repository.


Thanks to the following contributors:

Included Changes

  • Moved to meson 0.63.x (with all patches for gnome-kit too)
  • Bumped dev-lang/ruby version from 2.7.6 to 2.7.7 (just renamed the ebuild - FL-10832).
  • Fixed sys-boot/etcher-bin to search for a release up to the 100th most recent tags (FL-10803).
  • Removed spotify-tui due to upstream inactivity (FL-10773).
  • Added autogens for all RubyGems packages intended to ship with Ruby 3.1.3 (FL-10773).
  • Added and autogen for dev-util/rust-analyzer (FL-10793).
  • Added system wide support for dev-lang/ruby-3.2.0. This includes changes in several ebuilds, templates and eclasses. The templates now use a new pkg_info variable called "use_ruby", which will simplify future support upgrades (FL-10864).
  • Converted hwinfo python autogen to a standard Github-1 yaml one and removed multilib support from the template (FL-10873).
  • Added a media-libs/gd autogen (FL-10870).

Integration Testing