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Luet 0.29.2 is a minor release which was released on 08 September 2022.


  • review of the subcommands `database` available
  • added the sub command `database reindex` that permits to rebuild the indexes of the local database after the change of the release 0.28. This will permits to move fast to this release as stable in the next days.

Users with an existing Macaroni rootfs before upgrade to the last Luet release must execute the following steps:

macaroni #  # Download last release
macaroni #  wget -O /usr/bin/luet && chmod a+x /usr/bin/luet
macaroni #  # Rebuild database indexes (it takes about 5mins in my laptop)
macaroni #  luet database reindex

and then execute the system upgrade.

After this release will start the rewrite of the install engine and the support of the mask.