Metatools 1.0.5

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Metatools 1.0.5 is a regular release which was released on 28 May 2022.


The 1.0.5 release of metatools has a number of significant functionality improvements and bug fixes.

New Features

Allow Generators To Be Used in Overlays

This is an implementation of the feature request described in FL-9827.

doit now allows the use of official generators such as github-1 to be used outside of kit-fixups. The way this works is that doit will now detect if it is being run inside kit-fixups or not. If it is NOT, then it will clone/update a kit-fixups repository to ~/repo_tmp/source-trees/kit-fixups to have access to the official generators.

New options have been added to "doit":

--fixups_url and --fixups_branch
Can be used to point to a kit-fixups to clone if you want to use a non-standard kit-fixups for access to custom generators.
If you are using "doit" outside of kit-fixups, doing a git pull on ~/repo_tmp/source-trees/kit-fixups can take a bit of time. This option tells "doit" to use the already-cloned kit-fixups as-is without trying to update it by hand first.

To use:

Simply run "doit" in an arbitrary overlay -- it will "just work". The extra options are there if needed but are not normally required.

Allow github-1 Generator to Lock Version

This implements functionality described in FL-9855. Add a mechanism for and github-1 generator to autogen a specific tag version. This allows us to lock down certain autogens and leverage the github-1 generator even for static ebuilds (I am using this for the containerd ebuild). Before this, it was tricky/impossible to use the generator with tags to generate anything but the latest version.

This commit is being made to both kit-fixups ( and metatools.


To use this feature, simply specify a literal version in version pkginfo. It will be used instead of grabbing the latest version.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix refresh_interval= in get_page (FL-9881)
  • Adding missing psutil dep to and RDEPEND. (FL-9702)