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The Funtoo Networking project oversees the networking stack in Funtoo, including network configuration scripts (corenetwork).
   Latest Status

Corenetwork 1.7.0_beta1 has been released and will be appearing in next-release shortly. Our last release was 1.6.5, almost 4 years ago! See the extensive improvements in the release notes.

15 April 2022

Welcome to the Funtoo Networking project! This project oversees the Funtoo Linux network stack, as well as the Funtoo network configuration scripts, called "corenetwork". You can view documentation for Funtoo Linux Network Configuration here.


The official corenetwork repository can be found here:

We also have a stale repository located here which needs cleaning up. I accidentally committed to it instead of the official repo (although I just ported my fixes to the official repo above):

You can view all corenetwork-related issues on our Jira using this link.