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This project is focused on Python support in Funtoo, and oversees python-modules-kit and overall Python integration.

Welcome to the Funtoo Python Project! This project is focused on modernizing the Python support in Funtoo Linux.

Where We Are and Where We're Going

So -- as far as Python in Funtoo goes -- a lot of things have been done already. For one, we have enhanced eclasses that allow things such as PYTHON_COMPAT=( python3+ ) which take some of the pain out of using Python under Funtoo Linux. We also have lots of autogenerated python packages in Funtoo, and quite advanced support for auto-generation of Python packages (in fact, our Python autogens are the most mature autogens in our tree.)

However, we have a lot more to do. Python has been shoe-horned into the ebuild paradigm since the beginning of time, and this is quite inflexible and cumbersome -- and if you have ever developed ebuilds, you know about the negative impact of how Python support complicates the creation of ebuilds and Portage internals on a number of levels.

It's time to move beyond this -- and build Python languages support for the 21st century and beyond. To accomplish this, we should question assumptions made in Gentoo related to Python. For example, is it truly reasonable to expect one set of "golden" Python modules to work for all applications on your Linux system? Does it make sense to duplicate so much effort that is already maintained for us on, and in doing so create a mess for ourselves?

If you believe the answer to these questions is "Hell, No!" then you are in the right place! Please get involved with this project and help us to turn Python in Funtoo into a lovely place to be! We have learned a lot from working to evolve Python in Funtoo, and are ready to leverage this experience to build something truly nice!

Stuff To Do

To start out, we are simply going to document the use of Python in various places in Funtoo, so that we understand what Funtoo's Python needs are. These areas of focus are primarily on "built environments" -- aka stage3, stage3 DE's and LiveCDs -- to give us some clear focus. We figure if we can provide a good solution for these "build environments", it will scale for the rest of Funtoo.

The current bugs we need help on are:

  • FL-10142 - document python requirements for base stage3
  • FL-10143 - document python requirements for GNOME stage3
  • FL-10144 - document python requirements for XFCE stage3
  • FL-10145 - document python requirements for MATE stage3
  • FL-10146 - document python requirements for cinnamon stage3
  • FL-10147 - document python requirements for LxQt stage3
  • FL-10148 - document python requirements for KDE stage3
  • FL-10149 - document python requirements for raspi4 stage3
  • FL-10150 - document python requirements for LiveCD

To assist with documentation, click "Start Work" on one of these bugs and create a user page to document the various dependencies. We can link to your user page as it matures. Please visit us in the #python channel on Discord. Thanks!