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This page is in need of updates. See LXD for a more up-to-date page on containers on Funtoo.

For many years, the Funtoo project has been using Funtoo Linux for its entire infrastructure. A few years ago, we began to allow Funtoo Linux users to use our original OpenVZ container-based infrastructure for hosting, development and other projects. For our second-generation compute infrastructure, we utilized LXD and ZFS and explored the use of Intel Optane. Our third-generation infrastructure now uses LXD combined with a hybrid BTRFS sotrage solution. If you would like to to learn about how to get a container on our infrastructure, please see Funtoo Hosting.

The Funtoo Compute Initiative is an effort to document how Funtoo sets up servers and its container infrastructure, including everything from ordering of bare metal, to deployment, operation and maintenance. In short, it's our effort to share all our tricks with you, so you can use Funtoo Linux to quickly and inexpensively deploy very powerful hosting and container-based compute solutions.

Bare-Metal Setup

This section documents how we typically configure our servers from bare metal.