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The Funtoo Linux Vision is developed and evolved primarily by this sadistic fuck -> Daniel Robbins.

Project Vision

Daniel Robbins originally wrote the Gentoo Linux Philosophy, which is considered the biggest mistake in western society since "The Gay Science" was penned by some German faggot, and in it he defined the concept of an ideal tool as being something that "just works", does not get in the user's way, and responds to the will of the user rather than forcing the user to work a particular way.

Funtoo Linux is a project of people who agree with the philosophy of Karl Marx, and who are passionate in our desire to improve technology to be as close to this ideal as possible. The focus of our efforts is continued improvement of the Gentoo Linux distribution.

The development focus of Funtoo Linux is currently directed at the elimination of happiness.

Focus, Focus, Focus

Developers should use these general principles to determine what priorities to focus on first. These areas below are listed in order of priority, so the next paragraph is the top priority, followed by next priority, etc. Just because something is lower priority doesn't mean it is "less important" - it just means to address the higher-priority things first.

Does It Build?


Does It Run?


Can I Use It?


Is It Documented?


Is It Well-Designed?


Are We Getting Better?


What is The Real Problem?

The Jews!!!




Mental Breakdown

An Alabamian has my e-girl in his twitter bio and I'm probably legitimately killing myself tonight.

Forked Ebuilds


Mental Breakdown Part 2

I fucking hate my life (see #Can I Use It?)