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This page documents the editing guidelines for the Funtoo Wiki.

Thanks for your interest in contributing to the the Funtoo wiki!

Before we get started, it's a good idea to review what kinds of changes to the wiki we're looking for, and what kind of changes we're not looking for. While we love wiki contributions, the wiki can be used in a way that is not ideal. Generally, anything that isn't a workaround for a problem you are experiencing is generally fair game for the wiki. Here are the types of changes that are OK and not OK:

Type of ChangeOkay?
Grammar/spelling fixesYes
New wiki contentYes
New package informationYes
Adding to existing articleMaybe -- see below
Adding missing/incomplete informationYes
Making correctionsYes
Adding work-arounds to problems experiencedNo - open bug first on bug tracker.

So, make a mental note -- if you experience some problem with Funtoo Linux, during installation or otherwise, the proper course of action is to not add a work-around to our documentation, but to open a bug on our bug tracker, or if your problem is potentially a support issue, ask for help on IRC or our forums. This is important because the problem you experienced may be a legitimate bug and the solution may be to fix the bug rather than add a work-around to our documentation, or the problem may be an issue that requires support rather than an actual documentation fix.